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The SKILLastic hospitality solution was developed by industry professionals with over 25 years operational experience. We wanted a simple, engaging and cost effective way to continually improve the performance of staff.

Why we created SKILLastic

SKILLastic is a training based software company, established in 2015 by partners with significant experience in training and educational technology. We develop gamification based solutions that analyse knowledge gaps in the workplace and work to close those gaps by building skills.

Experience shows that many businesses do not know which skills gaps exist at any given time. They have no fast, cost effective or simple way to find out. We know it’s expensive and time consuming to test a large number of staff across multiple locations. We also see staff left unsupported in the workplace and understand they would benefit from continuous conversation about the workplace and suggestions /ideas for improved ways to work.

What led us to this solution?
We saw the negative and de-motivating effects of one-size-fits-all training programs delivered to staff of different experience levels. We knew we could save time, money and effort by delivering solutions through new technology.

We have created an opportunity to uncover exactly what training is required, at the right time.

We devised the SKILLastic app using game playing techniques to identify skill gaps quickly with the option to close these gaps immediately without manager input.

We set out to make fast, cost effective and simple ways to promote workplace conversation to empower the worker.

Each game takes approximately 3-5 minutes, playing against the clock and earning points. Games can be played individually or within a team to achieve an outcome. Existing programs lasting days, weeks or months are used or custom built programs are easy to setup.

After game-play, management can immediately generate a concise report identifying trends and gaps that exist amongst the participants. LIne managers can then assess the action required to fill the specific, identified gaps.

What makes SKILLastic interesting?


The app uses game playing techniques to motivate and stimulate interaction.


Test yourself against the clock for every question attempted.


Points are scored for correct responses and tabled at the end of each game.


Compete against yourself and improve your performance with each attempt.


Compete against a network of players and monitor your progress and improvement


The app plays on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop


The app is secure web based and needs to be on line with minimal data usage.


The app interface allows enterprises to brand their business.


Minimal cost to access the platform and games.


The app can be accessed in any location with wi-fi connectivity.


Single page, graphical report is available to management immediately on completion.


Engage one staff member or thousands at the same time with our capacity.

CURRENT solutions

Hospitality Hospitality identifying skills gaps in food and beverage staff up to qualified waiter levels. We include hygiene, OHS, wine knowledge, Food and Bev service, coffee service, product knowledge, customer service, selling skills and responsible service techniques.
Aged Care Aged care identify skills and knowledge gaps within staff working in various roles in the aged care sector. The skills are based on competencies up to Certificate 4 level and include provisions for continuous professional development.
Service Customer service Staff working in any role which involves customer interaction. Testing gaps in sequence of service, customer interactions, complaint handling, conflict resolution and cultural interactions.
Sales Sales This solution is aimed at staff working in a sales environment. The principles of selling, suggestive and up/cross selling, the return customer and sales techniques.
Child Care Child care identifying skills and knowledge gaps of any staff working in various roles in the child care sector. The skills are based on competencies up to Certificate 3 level and include provisions for continuous professional development and tailor made solutions for clients.
Enterprise EnterpriseWe can discuss, develop and deliver a game based gap analysis and continuous learning solution for any type and scale of enterprise.

Choice 01

  • Food and Beverage service
  • Coffee service
  • Wine service

Choice 02

  • Customer Service
  • Selling skills
  • Product knowledge

Choice 03

  • OH&S
  • Food Hygiene
  • Responsible Alcohol Service

Pricing Packages

SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE GAP ANALYSIS - Skills Gap testing with corresponding Report Charts. Our programs are quick - lasting for 7 days (Gap-7) or 21 days (Gap-21).
They are ready for immediate start, see our SOLUTIONS menu for existing programs.


  • Skills gap test & report
  • 5 days to complete
  • 1 topic

  • Max 5 users


  • Skills test & report
  • 7 days to complete
  • Choice of 3 topics

  • Min 10 users


  • Skills gap test & report
  • 21 days to complete
  • 9 topics in total

  • Min 10 users


  • We easily translate
  • your content into a
  • knowledge testing solution.
$ Call

  • Min 10 users

CONTINUOUS LEARNING - SKILLastic delivers Skills and knowledge reminder games continuously over 6 or 12 weeks. Our programs contain quiz games interspersed with other relevant, amazing and humourous facts. Quality learning does not happen in one quick event, it happens best over time using SKILLastic


  • As above



  • Continuous knowledge
  • 6 week program
  • Choice of 3 topics

  • Min 10 users


  • Continuous knowledge
  • 12 week program
  • 9 topics in total

  • Min 10 users


  • We accomodate any
  • industry, simple to complex
  • knowledge solutions.
$ Call

  • Min 10 users

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